Our females have show quality bloodlines and have good muscle tone and bone structure. They are loyal, friendly, and easily trained, but still have their protective instinct.


Raquel is a full sister to Reyna and is a bit taller. She has German bloodlines and will produce show quality puppies as well. She is a little lighter red than Reyna and has good bone structure.

german shepherd dam


Stacey is a quality female that will produce quality pups. She is the mom of Queenie. She is 3 years old and had good potential. She will produce good quality pups that will go for Show, K-9 or a fine pet.



german shepherd dam


Melissa is a very good looking female with a lot of potential. Her pups could go for show,K-9, or a fine family pet. She is 3 years old and in her prime. She is a great looking dog that will produce quality pups.

german shepherd dam


Queenie is from European bloodlines and is a very intelligent dog. She will perform commands such as sit, handshake, fetch and retrieve, and many others. She is a very loyal dog and is great with children. Her puppies will have good bone structure and will be great for show or family dogs.

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