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Reese & Maya

Parents: Raquel & Barto

Joni Clark

7-month update on the girls.
Reese (front) 57 pounds and shows no signs of slowing down.  She is very disciplined and incredibly loyal.   Loves snacks and people.  She is much bigger than her sister and tends to trend above the average for GS females.   She is very intuitive and will distract her sister with a ball then steal her bone.  Very sneaky!
Maya (rear) barely 52 pounds is incredibly athletic. She loves her ball more than food.  She will do anything for her ball.  She is very fast and very smart.  She learns new tricks and then gets really good at it. We think we will put her into special agility training classes.   She is small but mighty.  I love her energy and will be my running partner soon. Both were house trained within days and have good obedience.
Merle, we love these dogs and probably spoil them a bit too much.  They have a huge back yard, several walks a day, lots of ball tossing, and a house full of love.


Parents: Queenie & Barto

Jeanne Chen

This is a great place to get your German shepherd puppy! They’re all super smart if you train them right, all very loving! Merle and his family treats all the dogs well. The puppy that I’ve purchased is learning very quickly. He is very humble and doesn’t bark randomly, though he has to work on potty-training. This is again, a great place!


Parents: Reyna & Barto

Elizabeth Tarala

He is a big boy!  An absolute sweetheart. He is in his second week of puppy training now and is picking it up quickly. Loves going to the dog park and visiting with his friends. He loves his Husky brother and Border Collie sister too. We love him so much!

Melissa Shadden

From day one of talking to Merle, we knew that he was a great dog breeder. He was extremely hands-on and responsive during our process of purchasing our sweet and energetic puppy which we absolutely adore! He answered every one of our questions and was super informative. His German Shepard’s are gorgeous, and our puppy was extremely socialized by the time we got him at 8 weeks. Overall, we are grateful to have worked with Merle and his family and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a German Shepard puppy! We absolutely love our puppy and are so happy with our decision to purchase our pup from Merle. Thank you, Merle! 

Dane Moody

I wanted to reach out to you and give you an update on my adaption of America. There really is only one way to describe this dog. She is “amazing!” Though I had an idea from the very beginning, I really had no idea she would be so extraordinary. Merle, this pup is the most intelligent pup I have ever been around. Absolutely the most loyal, observant, and overall joy.

She is potty trained, sits with voice and hand commands, heals on our hikes, curious, good with kids, other dogs, and yet “fearless.” Sleeps with me through the night and hears “everything.’ She watches me and won’t leave my side.

Anyway, I just wanted to provide you with this update and I am sure as a proud dad of America that I won’t be able to contain myself for future updates. God works in mysterious ways and I am so glad that the timing was right for us both.

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