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Reese & Maya

Parents: Raquel & Barto

Joni Clark

7-month update on the girls.
Reese (front) 57 pounds and shows no signs of slowing down.  She is very disciplined and incredibly loyal.   Loves snacks and people.  She is much bigger than her sister and tends to trend above the average for GS females.   She is very intuitive and will distract her sister with a ball then steal her bone.  Very sneaky!
Maya (rear) barely 52 pounds is incredibly athletic. She loves her ball more than food.  She will do anything for her ball.  She is very fast and very smart.  She learns new tricks and then gets really good at it. We think we will put her into special agility training classes.   She is small but mighty.  I love her energy and will be my running partner soon. Both were house trained within days and have good obedience.
Merle, we love these dogs and probably spoil them a bit too much.  They have a huge back yard, several walks a day, lots of ball tossing, and a house full of love.
german shepherd puppy customer review


Parents: Stacey & Bryson

Sarah Caesar

Merle and his family were a pleasure to work with. They let us come look at the puppies when they were only 3 weeks. Merle helped select Kiya for her coloring and he was 100% right. She is a beautiful Shepard! Every time we take her out, people comment on what a beautiful dog she is. She’s learned basic commands quickly and is a great watchdog (and bunny chaser). Now she is almost 1 year and we couldn’t imagine life without her. Thank you Sangre Shepards!

11-months-old at the time of review (10/3/21).


Parents: Queenie & Barto

Jeanne Chen

This is a great place to get your German shepherd puppy! They’re all super smart if you train them right, all very loving! Merle and his family treats all the dogs well. The puppy that I’ve purchased is learning very quickly. He is very humble and doesn’t bark randomly, though he has to work on potty-training. This is again, a great place!

german shepherd puppy customer review


Parents: Raquel & Barto

german shepherd puppy customer review

14-months-old in the pictures above (2-21-22).

Gayle & Steve McCarrick

Aspen came home to us a week ago as an early birthday present for my husband. He loves her and she is fitting in beautifully! She is an active, curious, smart girl! She is unafraid of our other pets and loves attention from everyone in the family. She has the freedom to go inside/outside and on day 2 she went outside on her own to go potty! She already knows a few commands. She watches our 9-year-old Lab for guidance and he keeps her in check when necessary, although we are pretty sure she’s going to be the boss, lol! We can’t thank you enough for breeding such a beautiful pup!   

german shepherd puppy customer review


Parents: Queenie & Barto

4-months-old in the picture above (8/18/21).

Audrey ORear

We had a great experience with Sangre Shepards! Franklin has been amazing so far and a great addition to our family! I would highly recommend one of these top-notch shepherds!


Parents: Reyna & Barto

one year old german shepherd customer review

Elizabeth Tarala

He is a big boy!  An absolute sweetheart. He is in his second week of puppy training now and is picking it up quickly. Loves going to the dog park and visiting with his friends. He loves his Husky brother and Border Collie sister too. We love him so much!

german shepherd puppy customer review

Parents: Queenie & Barto

6-months-old at the time of review (5/22/21).

Manny McElroy

Merle was very honest and helpful from the beginning. His professionalism and guidance when buying our puppy made us feel comfortable during the entire process. We purchased our pup from out of state and had it delivered directly to us. Merle set the entire thing up. Once we received our puppy we were extremely please and the dog has grown into exactly what Merle said he would look like! I would definitely recommend Sangre Shepherds!

german shepherd puppy customer review


Parents: Queenie & Barto

Samantha Blankenship

We brought home our girl, Luna, from Sangre Shepherds at the beginning of the year. Merle was incredibly responsive to our search for a fur baby and we were able to bring her home the very next day. Since then she has been in excellent health and she is an absolute joy to be around.

7-months-old at the time of review (6/2/21).


german shepherd puppy customer review

10-months-old at the time of review (9/21).

Dane Moody

America is my best friend and has been a fantastic one at that. We moved and I now run a 421-acre ranch. She is with me 24/7 and is not just a dog. She is trained with voice in English, Russian and German, hand commands, and silent whistle for coming to find me. She is welcome at all the local restaurants etc. She loves everyone she has met and is very protective against those she doesn’t know. She is 100% fearless! She isn’t afraid of anything. She will also try anything I ask her to do. She gets excited and “whistles..” Not sure how to describe it. Last month at the vet she was 9 ½ months and weighed 81 lbs and 32 inches tall. She’s going to fill out and be a big girl. She is good with every dog but has her favorites. She watches everything I do. Seldom does she let me out of her sight. She is good with other animals as well. Cats, rabbits, cows, horses, etc. No way really to describe her but “amazing..”

Jesse James

german shepherd puppy customer review

8-months-old at the time of review (5/22/21).

Joe Navickas

Hey Merle, I’m hoping this message finds you well. This is Joe Navickas, I bought Jesse James from you on December 18, 2020. This is the most wonderful dog I could’ve ever asked for and I just had to let you know!


Parents: Sheba & Barto

german shepherd puppy

14-weeks-old at the time of review.

Amy Meissner

We got our puppy, Duke, from Sangre Shepherd in February of 2021. We currently have a 6-year-old female German Shepherd and they get along great. Duke has been a wonderful addition to our family; he is very smart and has great instincts/personality. Merle was very easy to work with and answered all our questions, as well as his phone! I found in searching for a pup, it was hard to get ahold of most breeders, and talking with them over the phone was very important to me. I would recommend if you’re searching for a German Shepherd, give Merle a call. 

Melissa Shadden

From day one of talking to Merle, we knew that he was a great dog breeder. He was extremely hands-on and responsive during our process of purchasing our sweet and energetic puppy which we absolutely adore! He answered every one of our questions and was super informative. His German Shepard’s are gorgeous, and our puppy was extremely socialized by the time we got him at 8 weeks. Overall, we are grateful to have worked with Merle and his family and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a German Shepard puppy! We absolutely love our puppy and are so happy with our decision to purchase our pup from Merle. Thank you, Merle! 

German Shepherd


Parents: Reyna & Barto

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